Dyslexia Screening & Assessment

Illustration of people talking, by Augusta Akerman, 2015
Illustration (Heads) by Augusta Akerman, 2015 (MA Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2014)

University of the Arts London offers screenings and assessments for dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs).

  • Screening
    The aim of a screening is to see if there are indicators of a Specific Learning Difficulty. If so, students are referred for an assessment. Screenings are carried out by a member of staff at the University.
  • Assessment
    This confirms a diagnosis of dyslexia or another Specific Learning Difficulty. It is carried out by an external assessor who will produce a diagnostic reportThe report is the evidence required to access disability support. The assessment must be conducted after the person’s 16th birthday.

If you are thinking about studying here and have, or think you have, a Specific Learning Difficulty please contact the Disability Service at disability@arts.ac.uk before beginning your course.

Students must be enrolled on their course before attending a screening or assessment. However, early contact before enrolment helps to ensure that arrangements can be made as quickly as possible.

Students who have prior evidence of a Specific Learning Difficulty

‘Prior evidence’ refers to any existing information indicating that someone has a Specific Learning Difficulty. It could be a childhood report, or statement of support carried out at school/college to permit arrangements such as extra time in exams.

Prospective and current students who have prior evidence of a Specific Learning Difficulty should provide it to the Disability Service as early as possible. The evidence can be given to the disability adviser in their first appointment, or emailed to the Disability Service at disability@arts.ac.uk.

Providing prior evidence may speed up the screening and assessment process, which enables support to be put in place as quickly as possible.

More information

The screening and assessment process can take up to a full term. This is the time taken for support to be put in place, having initially identified a need for a screening and/or assessment.