Assistive Technology

Girl using a PC
Courtesy of UAL

Assistive Technology can help you study more effectively. If you have difficulty planning your time, brainstorming your ideas for an essay, reading or writing, or preparing for a presentation then our Assistive Technology could make the tasks easier.

Our Assistive Technology is on all the Mac and PCs in our open access areas at each college. We have:

  • Text to Speech software to support your reading and writing (ClaroRead and Read&Write Gold).
  • Mind mapping software (MindView and Inspiration) that will help you organise your term, keep your resources together and make essay writing easier.
  • Referencing tools and advice provided online to help you with your bibliographies and citations.
  • A subscription to Sensus Access so you can independently convert your inaccessible documents.

We can also advise you on the latest apps and freeware that you can use on your own devices to support your study.

Once enrolled, you will be able to log on to UAL's PCs and Macs and to our intranet which provides more information about our Assistive Technology.