Events & Workshops

Photograph from the 2014 Wellbeing Fair
Photograph by Lisa Gibson

The Counselling, Health Advice and Chaplaincy Service organises events to promote good health and mental well-being amongst students and staff at UAL.

Well-being Workshops take place throughout the year. These group sessions explore topics such as confidence, self-esteem, depression and anxiety. They encourage self-understanding and teach students ways to cope with difficult experiences.

Upcoming workshops and events

Join us all next week across UAL for University Mental Health day!! The theme: 'Community, Join Yours'. Below is a list of the events and stalls running across UAL next week: ‌ 

When? Where? What? Stalls Massages Relaxation Activities

Monday 26th Feb CSM 12 - 2pm 

The Street Pledge Tree Head massages

The Listening Place

Tuesday, 27th Feb Blueprint Bar Holborn 12 - 2pm 

The Pledge Tree



Head massages

Workshop Taster 

Activity Studio - 12 - 2pm Puppies and Lunch

Blood pressure checks


Student Centre - 2 - 3.30pm

Tai Chi - Room 203 - 6 - 8pm

Wednesday, 28th Feb 

LCC 12 - 2pm Lower Gallery Space

Head massages Labyrinth 

Pledge Tree

Thursday, 1st March Canteen Space

Camberwell 12 - 2pm

Pledge Tree

Head massages

Yoga, Wilson Rd Lecture Theatre - 6 -7pm

Thursday, 1st March Canteen Corridor Chelsea 12 - 2pm

Pledge Tree

The Listening Place

Blood pressure checks

Head massages

Friday, 2nd March Canteen space Pledge Tree

Wimbledon 12 - 2pm 

Catch 22

Head massages 

At Ease with Presentations

Wednesday 14th March 2018

2 - 4.30pm

This workshop is jointly run by UAL-wide Academic Support and the Counselling and Health Advice Service. The session is informal and collaborative, giving students an opportunity to come together to support each other, learn more about how to feel well prepared for presentations, how to manage nerves and how to maximise their confidence in presentation situations. In particular, it will explore a range of techniques to help students to be at ease with assessed presentations.

Location: Central Saint Martins

Room details to follow.

The workshop is open to all students across UAL

Book your place via the UAL academic support online website. Any enquiries about this event should be directed to Academic Support -

4 week mindfulness course

First session: Wednesday 14th February 2018

14:00 - 15:30

Mindfulness is recommended for Managing anxiety, reducing stress and enhancing well-being. Sessions are open to all UAL students. Book your place on the Eventbrite website.


Room 1.19 (first floor)

272 High Holborn

London WC1V 7EY 

Weekly Meditation

Group meditiation sessions are offered each week, during HE term time, across UAL sites by the Chaplains.

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