Japanese, Arts and Culture

Image of the word 'hello' in Japanese
Image by Nikolai Garcia

Evening Japanese language course at the University of the Arts London (UAL) Language Centre in London. Learn Japanese and explore Japanese arts and culture at classes starting from beginner level.

Your Japanese classes will be expose you to authentic language through listening and reading activities with an emphasis on functional uses. The Japanese classes focus on speaking, pronunciation, reading and on written communication.

Over the course of the eight-week Japanese course, you will explore a variety of interesting topics such as architecture, design, fashion and society, at the same time as improving your ability to interact in the Japanese language.

The weekly evening classes take place at our High Holborn location, just 3 minutes' walk from Holborn underground station in central London. Classes are from 6pm to 8.30pm one evening a week. The price per eight-week course is £210 and this includes all learning materials.

The course includes a termly cultural experience in collaboration with the UAL Social Programme, which is built into your language development.

See the course details section below for the full syllabus, overview and outcomes for the course. 

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Japanese Beginner course dates and fees

Term Three Beginner Part One - Tuesday class (May-June 2018)
Time: 6.00 - 8.30pm

Dates: Tuesday 8 May 2018 - Tuesday 26 June 2018 (eight weeks)

Course Fee: £210

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Term Three Beginner Part Two - Wednesday class (Continuation class May - June 2018)

Time: 6.00 - 8.30pm

Dates: Wednesday 9 May 2018 - Wednesday 27 June 2018 (eight weeks)

Course Fee: £210

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If you are not sure of which level to book, you can use this self-assessment questionnaire to find out which beginner level you are.


Japanese Beginner Part One course details

Beginner Part One Course Details and Objectives

Our Japanese evening language courses are built around an arts and culture context. You will explore a variety of topics including architecture, cuisine, culture, design, fashion, society and more.

Over the 8 weeks of the Japanese Beginner Part One course, you will:

  • get an introduction to asking and answering simple questions on familiar topics
  • learn numbers, time telling and prices
  • be able to order food in a restaurant and make arrangements
  • talk about your daily routine on the present and past tenses
  • learn functional language and vocabulary related to food, the city, travelling, professions, leisure and your home
  • work towards improving your interactional, listening and speaking skills through pair and group work
  • get an introduction to the Japanese writing system, practise writing with a brush pen
  • be able to describe feelings, preferences
  • learn vocabulary related to fashion, the urban space and food
  • learn about Japanese artists, society, architecture, etiquette and more

There is a focus on oral communication and pronunciation as well as using language for functional and practical purposes.

You will be able to take part in Social Programme events, which we will announce on a termly basis in line with your syllabus themes and chosen language of study. The price per eight-week course is £210 and this includes all learning materials.

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Course details:

Week Number and Session Topic Language Content and Arts and Culture Content*
1. Introduction to Language, Arts and Culture

Language Content:

Japanese writing system
Numbers 0 -100
Introducing yourself (Nationalities, occupations, telephone numbers etc.)

Arts and Culture Content: 

Calligraphy: Write own name with a brush pen

2. Cuisine and Culture

Language Content: 

Food and drink vocabulary
Numbers 100 – 100000
Order in the restaurant (using counters tsu/nin)

Arts and Culture Content:

Japanese dining etiquette

3. Art and Politics

Language Content:

Vocabulary for arts
Likes/dislikes – favourite artist
Describe what you do as an artist

Arts and Culture Content:

Japanese artists' quiz

4. Urban Spaces

Language Content:

Place vocabulary
Daily routine verbs
Describe what you do or did with your friends and family

Arts and Culture Content:

Japanese society structure

5. Movement and Time

Language Content: 

Describe where you go/went
Transport vocabulary
Telling time

Arts and Culture Content:

Japanese travel information

6. Modernism

Language Content:

Arranging to meet with your friends and do something together
Describe your feelings (adjectives)

Arts and Culture Content:

Japanese modern architecture

7. Fashion and Society

Language Content:

Fashion vocabulary
Colours vocabulary
Describe what you want

Arts and Culture Content:

Japanese fashion designers

8. Design and Architecture

Language Content:

Ask where it is

Arts and Culture Content:

Japanese traditional buildings and interiors

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*Note: These are some of the possible Arts and Culture topics you will cover and they may differ according to student needs and interests