EVENT 3: Beyond the Object

Beyond The Object

Beyond The Object - Offering Rites, David Toop 2014
David Toop 2014

12 Apr 2014, Professor David Toop UAL Chair of Audio, Culture and Improvisation presented Beyond The Object (Part of the Offering Rites series)

In collaboration with Shiva Feshareki, Haroon Mirza, Lore Lixenberg, Nathan Mann, Daniela Cascella, Kevin Logan

What are the boundaries of an object? Is an object a living thing, an idea, an event that lives in many kinds of time? How can an object be described? Can we undo centuries of conditioning and experience objects as events? How can that which seems not to be an object, such as sound, exist in the same world as that which seems to be an object, such as a musical instrument?

Is the sound of a turning page an object, or the air from a plastic USB fan? Is a gesture an object? Where is a moving object an object? When an object becomes memory or loses functionality, does it stop being an object?