Cultures of Resilience *Exchange

The four-day programme featured performances, lectures, presentations and a live exhibition in the Well Gallery at London College of Communication (24-27 Mar 2015)

Ezio Manzini, who held the role of UAL Chair of Design for Social Innovation (2013-2016 Project) introduced a series of short videos based around the recent Cultures of Resilience *Exchange event at London College of Communication.

The event was a series of exhibitions, screenings, performances and discussions with the aim of bringing together artists, designers and academics whose work could, in some way, be said to touch on issues of 'resilience' in order that they may share knowledge.

Cultures of Resilience is a cultural experiment conducted by teachers, researchers and students across UAL that explores and presents a new cultural discourse on resilience.

  • Cultures of Resilience are the interwoven narratives, ideas, meaningful products and performances that, together, create the cultural fabric of an emerging society: a resilient society capable of facing and navigating the turbulence of our time, learning from experience how to thrive best.
  • Resilience, when referred to in socio-technical systems, means a system’s capacity to cope with stress and failures without collapsing and, more importantly, the ability to learn from the experience. Therefore, it should be considered a fundamental characteristic for any potential future society.