AAC #1 A Trip to Margate

Scott King Poster design (cropped)

Twenty postgraduate students were selected to visit Margate, serving as the forerunners of the Autonomous Arts Club (A.A.C).

Led by Scott King, UAL Chair of VisualL Communication (2013-2016 Project), the itinerary included a visit to British artist Jeremy Deller’s ‘English Magic’ at Turner Contemporary followed by Dreamland, Margate’s oldest-surviving amusement park.

Deller’s exhibition explored mysterious happenings and magical acts in British society that provided an aid to recent injustices. It showed how cultural, socio-political and economic issues joined together, adding elements of the past, present and the imagined future to it, creating a synthesis of them all.

‘We sit starving amidst our gold’ saw Deller bring to life the long-dead Victorian designer and socialist William Morris, shown as a colossus who, in an act of rage, picked up Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich’s 377-foot yacht which was blocking view and restricting access to the quay in Venice where it was moored.

Next up was a tour of the oldest theme park, Dreamland. Closed down for many years and in the midst of restoration and redevelopment, A.A.C argued that a re-imagined Dreamland was the ideal decision in times of digital innovations and virtual realities.