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Flax Shoes designed by Liz Ciokjalo - photography by Stephanie Potter Corwin, LCF MA Fashion Photography graduate.

The London College of Fashion Research Student Hub is a forum for postgraduate students who share an interest in fashion. Welcoming both practice-based and theory-based researchers, the hub provides a space for exchanging ideas, sharing concerns and fostering a sense of community amongst postgraduate fashion researchers across UAL. Public events are held approximately twice per term and are open to all UAL postgraduates and staff.

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Recent activities and outputs

  • UAL Postgraduate Panel Discussion: The Practice PhD Experience, 4 February 2015 #practicephd follows the conversation
  • Applying Phenomenology in Your Research, 19 November 2014
  • Anna Arrowsmith (Doctoral Candidate at Sussex University) — A public talk entitled 'Reappraising the Male Gaze: How men position themselves as viewers of sexualised music videos' May 2013
  • Prof. Paolo Volonté (Assoc. Professor at Scuola Politenica di Design, Milan) — The Agency of Objects. A workshop that explored the work of Bruno Latour, March 2013
  • Reading Group — Fashion and Psychoanalysis by Alison Bancroft, February, 2013
  • 'Fashion and Re-collection: A Postgraduate Symposium' with speakers Professor Caroline Evans and Dr Linda Sandino - to reflect on fashion through the lens of memory, January, 2013 
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  • Reading Groups: Theory-Based Reading — The Presentation of the Self in Everyday Life by Erving Goffman, November, 2012

Other outputs

Practice-Led Reading: ‘Sustainable Apparel Product Development: In Search of a New Dominant Social Paradigm for the Field Using Sustainable Approaches’ by Armstrong & LeHew from Fashion Practice: The Journal of Design, Creative Process and the Fashion Industry.

Research student hub

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