Jenny Wright

After Surgical Movement (2013) a study from observations of the hand movement of Mr Neil Shah consultant maxillofacial surgeon by Jenny Wright. Sumi ink on paper, 100 x 70 cms.

Extending the field of drawing the body: fine art anatomical drawing and its relationship to developing medical technologies and procedures

Wimbledon College of Arts

My work forms part of a body of research that extends the understanding of the relationship between drawing, medicine and emerging haptic technologies with particular reference to surgery. I am especially interested in the shared visual and haptic experiences linking drawing practices with surgical procedures, working closely with maxillofacial, ophthalmic and dental surgeons.

By making links with different fields of research, in my case a cross disciplinary focus with medical science and technology researchers I hope to broaden the understanding of drawing practice and provide evidence of a practical application of drawing within surgical education.

As part of my research I have developed drawing activities used with medical students at different parts of their training to gain information to test the hypothesis that drawing could be used to support elements of surgical training.


Emeritus Professor Deanna Petherbridge (Co-Supervisor, external)

Mr Neil Shah (Consultant Surgeon & Clinical Supervisor, external)