Megan Boyle

Megan is a first year BA (Hons) Creative Direction for Fashion student who is enjoying the variety of skills you learn and mediums you work in, on the course.

What made you want to study at LCF?

The metropolitan, cultural aspect of LCF was an appealing factor when choosing a university. However, it was the specialised learning environment, students with similar interests and the networking opportunities that LCF provides that excited me the most. Being surrounded by creatives that share the same passion and drive as myself is amazing. It provides students with the opportunity to work collaboratively and help and support each other, in acquiring and improving our skills.

Why did you choose BA Creative Direction for Fashion?

I felt that with an interest in so many creative and fashion related concepts, practices and skills, I didn't want to limit myself. Studying Creative Direction for Fashion appealed to me due to its broad and encompassing nature, that allows you to specialise and be introduced to new ideas and extend your skills. It also allows students on the course to become well rounded creative individuals, with an understanding of many aspects of the creative process.

What has been the highlight of the course so far?

The live project, in collaboration with The Victoria and Albert Museum and Agent Provocateur. The brief was to create Instagram content and a site specific piece to help promote the Inside the Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear exhibition to a younger audience. This project allowed us, as students, a greater degree of freedom, to motivate ourselves and dedicate time to learning and improving the skills and techniques we were most interested in. That term was a time of great personal creative development. During this time I discovered new interests which I hope to improve on and pursue.

What have been the biggest challenges?

The challenges that come with each new topic and brief is what makes the course exciting and enjoyable. For me, the biggest challenge in the first year has less to do with the course and more to do with myself. The counter productive tendency to stress myself out unnecessarily is not conducive to producing high quality work. So for me my biggest challenge is harnessing and controlling that (I am still working on it!).

What has the teaching been like?

When it comes to the teaching on the course, you know that help, support and guidance is there if you need it. With staff members on the course having breadths of knowledge in a variety of fields there will always be someone with advice and knowledge to help you. I struggle when I feel like creative freedom is depleted by constant guidance, I feel it promotes laziness, preventing students from coming up with individual thoughts or bothering to learn new skills, however this is not the case. We are free to experiment and explore new concepts independently. Input, instruction and suggestion from our tutors and lectures allows us to learn, fine tune and improve what we put into practice.

Have you begun to focus in on one area of creative direction?

I feel like my interests are still very broad and have enjoyed every module within the first year. My plan is to delve deeper and practice the elements I find most interesting and exciting.

Is there a balance of theory and practical?

I really enjoy the way the course is split between theory and practice, with a dedicated Cultural and Historical studies unit each year, and essays alongside the creative briefs. Having modules that are based around lectures, note taking and reading, are a nice break from constantly creating. At the same time, it allows us to situate our practice and put more thought in to the creative work we produce.

What advice would you give students considering studying on BA Creative Direction at LCF?

Something that I realised within the final term of first year is that being at university is the perfect time to broaden your skills in a safe environment. I feel that within the first two terms I approached the briefs by utilising the skills I had gained within my foundation course. A basic knowledge of Photoshop, Indesign and Illlustrator.

It was in third term that I found my love of Lydna. It is an online learning platform and an amazing resource that we get access to as students at UAL. Honestly, any prospective students reading this who enjoy learning on their own time and by themselves, use LYNDA LYNDA LYNDA!. Get on it and learn all the skills that you can, even if you think you don’t need them now, if you have them under your belt they will be invaluable, especially if you choose courses you enjoy!. Using Lynda in the third term helped me to visualise what I wanted to create, which is such a satisfying feeling.