Kristina Vetter

Kristina studies Executive MBA (Fashion) at LCF and tells us about her aspirations for the future and who she admires.

What are your career aspirations and how do you envisage the EMBA (Fashion) will help you to reach these? 

I would like to start my own label or supply business expertise to an emerging label;  work in sourcing or branding at an existing company; or run a venture fund for emerging fashion startups. I have the business world experience, and the EMBA is teaching me the specifics of the fashion industry; and I hope to meet inspirational people through the program who can help me figure out how I can best contribute.

What attracts you to working in the fashion industry?

I love the creativity and constant change of the fashion industry and I’m fascinated by the sociology that makes the fashion cycle work as it does.  Fashion is so universal; almost everyone in the world will make a purchasing decision about fashion at least once.  I also love the artistic satisfaction of creating and working with beautiful things and making people feel beautiful.

Who in the fashion industry do you most admire and why?

Tory Burch, because she has built a billion-dollar business out of interpreting runway looks in an approachable and more affordable way; Kate Spade and Ralph Lauren for following their aesthetic instincts and creating highly communicative lifestyle brands out of their vision;  and Sara Blakely, for building her billion-dollar business through the inventive reincarnation of a classic mainstay of women’s fashion.

What do you consider your greatest achievement, either personal or career?

Successfully managing careers in law, technology and the creative arts while being an active mother to four children.

What is your favourite brand, or who is your favourite designer and why?

My favourite designers are Joseph and Chanel, for reliable aesthetics of high-quality beautiful essential pieces, that are classic but also trendy enough to be interesting and new. I love texture and neutrals with some fun, and these designers deliver on these concepts in focused collections season after season.

What are your personal interests?

Besides fashion, I love exercise and the outdoors, and do a lot of cycling and running. I also do a great deal of public interest photography for local arts and children’s groups.

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