Kristina Stankovski

Can you tell us something about what you were up to before you started the MA History & Culture?

After completing a BA in Social Anthropology and a Graduate Diploma in Museum Studies at the University of Sydney, I took up employment within the Australian museum sector. My work on various museum projects quickly led to a love of fashionable dress and a desire to pursue further specialised study.

Why did you choose this particular postgraduate course?

I loved the structure of the course, was inspired by the research interests of the course tutors and was very excited by the prospect of studying fashion abroad. Since I already held a Graduate Diploma in Museum Studies, I chose the history and culture pathway.

Can you give us an example or two particular projects or pieces of work that you undertook during the course?

My favourite project was the MA dissertation. I loved the whole research process and was pleased by the level of tutor support. For my primary research, I spent weeks in museum archives - which was a great opportunity to familiarise myself with UK collections and meet lots of interesting and inspiring people.

And something about the structure of the course and how it was taught?

The course was taught via a mixture of formal lectures, informal tutorials and personal study. From time to time, the classes included visiting speakers who presented on various topics (such as Prof. Christopher Breward and Prof. Caroline Evans) and we had a few museum trips as well!

What about your fellow students? Can you tell us something about them?

I have remained close with many of my fellow students, who I found to be very determined, accomplished and motivating! The required Contextual Studies course was a wonderful opportunity to mix with all MA level students, from the history and culture students to the journalism group.

What have you been doing since completing the course?

Since graduating, I have been working within the museum sector and have developed various exhibitions and projects, such as Jean Muir: A Fashion Icon at the National Museum of Scotland. I'm currently employed as a Curator of Dress and Textiles.

How do you think the MA helped you with this?

The MA gave me the foundations of my subject knowledge.

And finally - any words of advice for students who may want to follow in your footsteps?!

Study hard, volunteer at a museum to see whether it is the right pathway for you, enjoy your time at college and follow your dreams!