Katharina Geissler-Evans

Katharina studies a part-time BA in Fashion Media over four years, while working at Net-a-Porter as Sub-Editor and Translator (German).

Why did you choose to study BA (Hons) Fashion Media (part-time) at LCF?

I did the access course in Fashion Media and Communication and had such a great experience that I wanted to extend my time at LCF, I had also been offered a job in Fashion Marketing hence my decision to do my BA in Fashion Media as a part time course.

What were you doing before joining the course?

Having attended the access course for Fashion Media and Communication at LCF (see above), I worked as freelance fashion stylist and interned for several fashion businesses (one of them was in New York), which was very exciting.

Tell me about your experience of the course. What are the highlights so far?

Our fashion exhibition in year 2 was memorable as it gave us the opportunity to work with fashion design students who presented their pieces on the catwalk, whilst we had the chance to showcase our work at RHS Space. Attendance from within the industry was great with plenty of networking opportunities too. Further highlights were talks with anthropologist, writer, and photographer Ted Polhemus, a panel with Dazed & Confused editors as well as a collaborative project with Swedish car manufacturer Volvo.

What is the balance of theoretical and practical work on the course?

I would say 60/40 - 60% is theoretical as all projects start off with a great deal of research. The remaining 40% is practical work i.e. organising and carrying out photo shoots, work on programmes such as InDesign, creating your own magazine or planning a PR campaign.

How did you attain a UAL Bursary? Can you tell us a bit about how you applied for this and how it has benefited you?

I applied earlier this year with a first proposal for my final project (a fashion and lifestyle magazine) and included images to give an idea of the mood and feel of the planned outcome.

Having received the bursary, I have been able to purchase InDesign, a programme to create magazine layouts. I am planning to use the rest of the budget for printing costs and if possible a research trip.

How is media in fashion changing the landscape of the industry?

Digital media has accelerated the speed of trends, fashion news etc. Everything is connected 24/7 worldwide and it is so much easier to access information quickly. This online culture both kills and creates ideas, trends, brands and more, often overnight making the industry omnipresent yet unpredictable in ways most people aren't aware of or used to depending on their generation. However, there is also print media that encourages its reversal and motivates readers to step back and live a slow lifestyle.

Tell us about your personal style?

I own clothes from the 60s, 70s and 80s that I tend to mix with designer or high-street basics. I have a few bits that some people would call eccentric or quirky. Overall, I try to keep it subtle, professional and glamorous to send the right message in my job as Editor and Translator.

What are you plans for after you’ve left LCF?

I currently work at Net-a-Porter and am planning to stay with the company a bit longer. At some point I would like to move on to magazine publishing, ideally fashion editorial.

What advice would you give students considering studying on this course?

Time management is absolutely key, especially if you decide to study alongside a full-time job. Don’t underestimate the course: Studying part-time for four years is a big commitment and you have to be aware of it. Plan some time in for yourself in between studying and working: With so many things on it is important to take a break and relax a bit, you’ll be able to maintain better concentration on your tasks after a little rest.