Hadley Matthews

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Hadley Matthews is an international student studying the integrated masters MSc Cosmetic Science at LCF. In 2017 Hadley was a speaker at the SCS Annual Conference 'Naturals in Cosmetic Science'

Why did you want to study at LCF?

I didn’t know a lot about LCF at first, I only started to look at it because of the unique courses they offer. I wanted to study there because I have always wanted to travel abroad or be an expat. I have always loved fashion and science, and knew I wanted a job that would mesh the two together, so LCF’s MSc Cosmetic Science course sounded like the perfect course to participate in.

What has been the best part of the course so far?

I don’t think I can really pick a specific aspect of the course that I like the best, all the classes in the course so far are very well connected to each other and I have enjoyed them all! I really love that the classes in the Cosmetic Science course are multi-faceted –not only does a cosmetic scientist have to understand chemistry and formulation; they also need to have a background in dermatology, microbiology, marketing, and legislation! Every class that I have taken so far has shown me that there are a lot of important aspects of the beauty industry that cosmetic scientists need to be aware of.

What are the staff like?

Since the course is a very small group, the staff is very attentive to everyone, which is great! The lecturers are very friendly and always go through lots of interesting information! They always make sure that everyone is on the same page when moving forward in lectures, and always like to check in and provide help to students if concepts are difficult to grasp.

What are your hopes for the future?

I would love to work with a product development team for a large beauty company –I love big projects and seeing them evolve from concept to an actual product on the market.

What has been the most important challenge that studying at LCF has helped you to overcome?

Studying at LCF has helped me to overcome my fear of group projects –we had several large group projects to tackle in the first year, and they all turned out great! I think at university everyone is a little older and more mature, making everyone more mindful of working with each other to accomplish the tasks a project entails.

How did you apply for the integrated masters? Did you know what you wanted to do for your masters by the time you finished school?

Since I decided last minute to apply to LCF, I was able to get help from US representative in order to get my documents on time, which was great! I knew I wanted to do a masters by the time I finished school because having that extra degree is well regarded in both the US and the UK, and it shows future employers that I studied extra hard to be prepared for the industry.

What is it like moving to London to study?

When I moved to London from New York, the overall transition went smoothly. However, I am always reminded that I am a foreigner when there are subtle references to British lingo I still don’t understand! Moving to London --away from American university campuses, meal plans, and parents nearby definitely forced me to grow up a little bit, which I have really enjoyed. I love going out for dinner with my friends and flatmates in Soho, and picking up groceries at all the beautiful marketplaces around the city. With so many different sights to see and adventures to go on, I never get sick of London!

Where do you live?

I live in Rye, New York –which is only 40 minutes from New York City by train. I’m really excited to be living in the Sketch House at Finsbury Park in the fall.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love going on adventures and walking around different parts of London, Notting Hill Gate and Stoke-Newington are definitely two of my favorite spots! I also definitely take advantage of free admission to London’s museums, and always love to go for a run in Hyde Park!

What sums up your own fashion style?

I don’t think I have a very specific style, but most of my friends always say I always “look put together.” I love big sweaters, skinny jeans, vintage silk scarves and cool jewelry –I would say I try and channel my inner Alexa Chung in the morning! I also never leave the flat without some sort of lipstick.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to someone thinking about studying Cosmetic Science at LCF?

Take good notes. Make them colourful and organized. And never miss lectures! Professors always put the lecture notes online, but they always like to share extra important information to the people who attend class.

Three words all cosmetic scientists should live by…

Thoroughness, flexibility, creativity.