Greg Lin Jiajie

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography student Greg Lin Jiajie tells us about his experiences at LCF and in London, about shooting look-books for brands and editorials for magazines such as Hunger and Sicky Magazine.

What made you want to study at LCF?

I have always wanted to live in London. It is such a magnificent city for the fashion industry, and I am aware that UAL/LCF have a reputation for being one of the best fashion universities in the world.

Why did you choose BA (Hons) Fashion Photography?

I studied fine arts before coming to LCF. From studying that, I realised that I enjoyed fashion related subjects more than fine arts focused subject, therefore this course is exactly what I have been looking for.

What has been the highlight of the course so far?

The tutors have been really influential, making the learning environment very enjoyable. They are very good at what they do.

What have been the biggest challenges?

I found that writing papers has been a bit of challenge for me as English is not my first language.

What has the teaching been like?

Tutors have been very helpful by giving me very useful tips and comments, helping me and guiding me to fully convey my ideas the way I want to, in my work.

Have you begun to focus on one area or parculiar style and can you tell us about that?

I am still in the process of experimenting with different styles and ideas, and I believe that LCF can help me develop my skills and ideas further and eventually help me find my own parculiar style.

Have you done any industry projects on the course? If so, how have you found them?

I have been published in multiple magazines and shot lookbooks as well as campaigns for different fashion brands and designers. A lot of designers approach me through Showtime and also from social media.

Do you find that there is a mixture of theory and practical?

Within the industry projects, sometimes they are more conceptual, and some of them are very practical. It really deepens on the project.

Fashion photography has changed forever, due to street style photography and the popularity of social media. How do you think the role of the fashion photographer has changed over the last ten years?

I think because of the easy accessibility of digital cameras and social media becoming more and more popular, many people label themselves as photographers, or fashion photographers. But I think a fashion photographer also uses it as a way of self expression and as an opening for conveying important ideas and threats that are put on our society.

What challenges does this shift in culture present to budding photographers?

The biggest challenge will be how difficult it is to establish original ideas and be unique.

What advice would you give students considering studying on photography LCF?

Be prepared to do more than you're asked to do. Experiment with new things and be creative.