Elizaveta Luneva

Elizaveta Luneva standing on the terrace at LCF Oxford Circus

Elizaveta Luneva is a MSc Cosmentic Science student. Here she tells us about her experiences so far studying at LCF, and how this niche course drew her to London.

Why did you want to study at LCF?

LCF was one of the few universities offering a unique course such as cosmetic science. LCF is also in the heart of London and as I was brought up in a city, it felt more comfortable to live and study in a similar environment.

What has been the best part of the course so far?

I think that for me, the best part of the course so far was getting to make our own products such as lip balm, facial scrubs, shampoos and body lotions! The practical sessions were very interesting and we got to work in teams, which has helped us develop and prepare us for the industry.

What are the staff like?

All the staff at LCF are all very friendly and helpful! Guidance and extra support is always provided if needed and issues at hand are responded to in an effective manner. The lecturers always try to ensure that all the students are getting on well and if any problems arise, they have made us feel comfortable talking about them. As the MSc Cosmetic Science course classes are usually relatively small, it feels like we are all just one big family and that’s all thanks to the tutors!

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope to work for a big company such as Procter & Gamble and wish to do something related to fragrances. Hopefully, someday I will be able to start my own brand and open a boutique!

What has been the most important challenge that studying at LCF has helped you to overcome?

I have always found it hard to do research for projects using books and other methods other than the internet. However, with ISHE sessions, a wide range and variety of reading resources and guidance from lecturers, I have been able to use the resources at hand to conduct my research for projects and essays. LCF has a wide range of reading material for the Cosmetic Science course which is hard to find in any other university as books are usually costly and with such a unique course, even most libraries do not have books available on this subject.

How did you apply for the integrated masters? Did you know what you wanted to do for your masters by the time you finished school?

I applied for the course through UCAS while I was finishing my last year of the International Baccalaureate. Even before I finished school I knew that I wanted to do something related with cosmetics and perfumes. It was a bit of a challenge finding the right university and I was lucky to have gotten into LCF’s program of Cosmetic Science.

What is it like moving to London to study?

I was quite nervous at first as I was coming to a city I have never been to before and where I did not know anybody. However, with the support from my family and guidance from LCF, settling into London has been easy and pleasant. I enjoy London very much and would recommend to come here to study!

Where do you live?

I live in Singapore.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I like to read and research more about the current trend in cosmetics and fragrances. Sometimes I would even visit shops and boutiques to try out the products and see how they feel. By studying cosmetic science at LCF, we also get to be members of the SCS (society of cosmetic scientists). They hold seminars and talks on a variety of areas in the cosmetic industry, we get to be part of these whenever they are available and it lets us meet people from the industry as well as get some extra knowledge.

What sums up your own fashion style?

I am quite petite and usually find it a bit hard to find something that fits just right in normal stores. As I lived in Singapore, I have grown to adore the Korean style. So mostly I wear dresses, skirts and culottes. Also, small, adorable, handmade accessories are a must!

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to someone thinking about studying Cosmetic Science at LCF?

Just go for it! The course is very interesting and provides hands-on experience which is vital to understand and get into the industry. It also opens you up to many different opportunities, so if you felt that you were not very interested in a specific unit or you did not do very well in it, there are plenty of other areas you could go into. When applying to the course, make sure you have a good knowledge of organic chemistry, if not, I would recommend the summer course for cosmetic science that LCF provides. It prepares you for the first year, allows you to get a head start and teaches you the basics of chemistry.

Three words all cosmetic scientists should live by…
Trial and error….