Alexia Brun

Girl standing holding her skirt, on a street in New York
Photo by Alexia Brun

Alexia Brun is studying MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion at LCF. Here she talks about applying psychology to fashion and why she chose to study here.

Why did you choose to study this course?

After a BA in Fashion Business at Istituto Marangoni, I felt there was something missing in my knowledge. I learnt everything from Marketing, Luxury management to Finance, but still, I had so many unanswered questions left. What about the people? Fashion cant only be about business strategies! At the time (2013), when I was looking for Masters online, I couldn’t find anything that would suit my expectations. So I decided to take a gap year to travel in South America and work. There, I started looking again for a Masters that would, hopefully, bring answers to my questions, and I found it. UAL had just updated their list of postgraduate courses, and this is how I found about the MSc Psychology in the fashion industries. I knew it was the one! And I decided to do the MSc instead of the MA simply because I am more of a scientific and rational person than artistic!

Has it been what you expected from the course so far?

100% YES! Dr Carolyn Mair, our course leader, has put together an amazing program, with exceptional lecturers. Everything was new to me since I had no background in psychology, but our lecturers know how to introduce deep topics such as Brain Matters or Social Cognition in a way where all students (with a psychological background or not) find it interesting and comprehensive. It is amazing and hard to believe at the same time, that psychology has never been applied to fashion before.

What are you focusing on within the subject field?

Since I’ve always been curious about fashion trends: trend forecasters, followers, where it comes from and how it affects people, I decided to focus my research on the relationship between social cognition and fashion behaviours. For my final dissertation, I am using quantitative research methods (correlational and regression analysis) in order to highlight potential relationships between the Need to Belong, the Need for Uniqueness and the Tendency to conform/follow fashion trends.

And why did you choose London College of Fashion?

London College of Fashion being one of the most reputed fashion schools worldwide, part of UAL, and offering the first and only program combining psychology and fashion, there was no doubt! I had all the reasons to study here.

What are the LCF staff like?

Very welcoming and operational! For every position there can be within a university, for every type of question you might have, whether it concerns your course, your future career or a technical issue, there is someone, there is an answer.
What is the balance of theoretical and practical work on the course?

I am undertaking the MSc, accredited by the British Psychology Society. Therefore, we have more theoretical work, for instance we study Quantitative Research Methods and Personality & Individual Differences, when MA students study Design Matters and Qualitative Research Methods instead. Nevertheless, whether you are a MA or a MSc student, you can attend all the lectures of both programs!
Have you been to any events put on by the College (the Inside the Industry series, for example)?

Everyday at UAL, there is something happening - conferences, workshops; if you wanted to attend all events, you would have to sleep on campus! I have assisted to many conferences and workshops, sometimes in relation to my course, sometimes not and I’ve never been disappointed. Furthermore, with other students from my course, we organised the 1st LCF Psychology in Fashion Graduate Conference, in late April! It was a real success and we were so happy.
What were you doing before joining the course?

I did a Bachelor degree in Fashion Business at Istituto Marangoni London. After graduating, I travelled for six months around Argentina (where my mum lives) and I also worked for 7 month as a International sales analyst for Helmut Lang.
Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Paris, France until the age of 18. I moved to London in 2011. My father lives in Dubai, UAE, and my mother in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but we are French!