Student Testimonials

Hannah Buchanan

Going into the Introduction to Fashion Business programme during the summer of 2015, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Within the first two weeks I realized that this programme was going to exceed my expectations and offer me an experience I would not be able to gain anywhere else.

I was able to learn from tutors that had real life experience in the field to which they were instructing us on, something completely unique to anything I have ever been a part of. The overall atmosphere, course work, and feedback were not only educational but also professional. I came into this programme as one type of student and graduated a completely different type, in such a wonderful way. While going through this programme I was also lucky enough to travel to Paris for a few days and explore the beauty of the culture with Basia, the head tutor of studying abroad. It was amazing to get to learn from someone with so much knowledge and passion about the industry she is in.

Lastly, the lasting connections I made while at the London College of Fashion is something I will absolutely never forget. Not only with various students across the world studying alongside myself, but also with the tutors teaching the courses. I now have peers that will be in the same professional industry with me someday that I can call my resources and supporters, but also have connections with the tutors I never would have imagined. Some have offered to write recommendation letters for future potential internships or jobs. Before studying in London I did not have these connections and now will have them to carry on throughout both my professional and personal career.

The London College of Fashion has not only taught me about the fashion business, but also allowed me to learn more about myself. After graduating from this programme I officially know what I want to pursue and where I want to lead in this industry. I will never be able to thank everyone involved enough for giving me this.

Colin Behr

Studying at the London College of Fashion has changed my life in a way that words cannot describe. It has opened my eyes, and exposed me to sights I’ve only dreamt of seeing before. As a double major with Product Design and Apparel Design at Iowa State University, my focus has always leaned towards footwear. LCF provided me the perfect opportunity to execute and play with that interest in their footwear summer school program. Not only would I get to design conceptual shoes with new and foreign inspirations, but I would also have a go at hand making a shoe, and for the first time be able to hold one of my designs in my hand.

The tutors at LCF were extremely knowledgeable and experienced. They were down to earth, laid back and easy to get along with. Right from the start they threw exercises at us that were uncomfortable and forced us out of our comfort zone, but it made me better. They had high expectations of us and they made that evident. With their help and guidance along the way, I was able to produce work that is far better than any work I have produced in the past.

My time spent in London and around Europe, along with the friendships I made, will never be forgotten. I already have an urge to travel back across the pond for more life changing experiences. It seems I now have a different perspective of things, as I was challenged to look at things differently during my stay there. Inspired doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling I constantly have after leaving, and I’m excited to see where that passion will take me during my next journey.

Madison Elder

My summer at the London College of Fashion taught me how to view not only the fashion industry but the world from a creative and innovative perspective.  The Earth and its inhabitants are an incredible source of inspiration!  I learned how to convey ideas in clear and concise ways using different kinds of visuals and presentations, my interpersonal skills have been enhanced, and I gained industry knowledge and crucial connections.

Most importantly, this experience has given me confidence to use my skills in a creative field that is difficult to enter.  My passion was encouraged and strengthened over the summer.  I have the drive to throw myself into the fashion world, and now I believe I can succeed in this difficult but exhilarating industry. Studying at the London College of Fashion will be one of your best decisions - both professionally and personally.

Margo Amundson

Studying abroad at the London College of Fashion was an excellent way for me, a student from an apparel program mainly focused on development, to enhance my knowledge of the field and delve into my creative side. I learned to express my ideas in unique, non-traditional ways and to find inspiration from places I’d never otherwise considered. While there, I was able to see countless historic items I had only previously learned about in history classes. Also, being from the Mid-West, living in London allowed me to observe street fashion as well as high-end fashion and view one of the world’s fashion hubs.

Studying abroad taught me life skills and made me a more durable, mature person. I learned so much and received different approaches to the world of fashion and the industry. I created world-wide contacts with other students as well as my tutors. The experiences I had were invaluable and will be beneficial for the rest of my life

Victoria Knight

I am a Senior at Iowa State University in Apparel Design and I joined the Footwear Design programme at London College of Fashion in the summer of 2009. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much!! I was able to go to Florence and attend the Ferragamo Museum, visit Venice, tour the Lacoste corporate company in London, and meet Jimmy Choo!! I learned different ways to express my inspiration in this footwear design course and I also took a class on CAD footwear design programmes. I met amazing people and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

Steve Gordan

Prior to attending LCF's footwear summer school I had no experience of footwear design or construction. In the past I have drawn clothing, but never shoes. I decided to take the footwear summer school as I wanted to change life goals and pursue footwear. Since I finished at LCF my life has changed dramatically. I took an additional class dealing with lasting and manufacturing of shoes. I have started designing and making my own shoes, and have become quite good at it. I am now interning in New York City and am loving it. Since I went to London, I have strived to find culture, and finer things in life. outside of Iowa. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is even remotely interested in footwear.

Mette Petersen

Studying abroad at London College of Fashion is like living in a bubble of Fashion. It is an experience for a lifetime, and it introduces you to everything there is to know about the astonishing industry in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

When I first came to London, I wasn't sure what to expect, and my knowledge on fashion came from magazines and work experience. The combination of fashion and education was new to me, but it has been an adventure I wouldn't trade for anything else, and three months after planned departure I am still here.

I dream of a career in fashion journalism, and by becoming familiar with as many areas of fashion as possible, I feel like I am enhancing my chances significantly. Because I am an independent student, I have been able to customize my schedule after my wishes, and I will leave LCF with a mixture of classes in merchandising, communication and fashion design.

My favourite classes last semester were 'Theoretical and Social Fashion Studies' and 'Fashion PR'. Our TSFS class was taught by a new teacher every time, and always dealt with interesting contemporary issues within fashion, and PR because Beverly Alt, the teacher, is amazing at involving and challenging the students while keeping it real.

In general the teachers and staff at the Study Abroad office are extremely dedicated, and their drive and passion rubs off at the students. Very often they will recommend ongoing exhibitions, sample sales, books, magazines, shops, websites and movies, and I don't think I have ever been bored in my 6 months here. I'm taking it all in.

My first semester, I lived at the school accommodation, which was very good for building up friendships in a short period of time. I now have friends and fashion contacts all over the world -mainly in the States, but also in Japan, Mexico, Sweden, Austria, Brazil and Australia. This semester I decided to live in a flat share in Camden, my favourite part of London, and it has turned out to be even better. This way I'm experiencing London with people who know London, and I'm getting to know people whose lives don't necessarily evolve around fashion.

London is a city that has to be experienced; the street fashion, the pubs, the green parks full of squirrels, the alternative club scene, the kind English people and the British guys with their bloody cute accents. Personally I have come to realize, that it is a place that is going to be hard for me to leave, but when time comes, I take with me the memories and a broad knowledge of fashion, and if that isn't enough, I'll just come back.

Vincent King II

Before attending the London College of Fashion Study Abroad Program, I found a quote that inspired me to want to be in the great city of London by a British designer Alexander McQueen "What we have in London is a fantastic pool of talent coming through the colleges. We are the fashion world's incubator." Being a student at the LCF was an opportunity to be nurtured by past innovators such as Professor Jimmy Choo, Harold Tillman, and May Jennings to name a few who have graced their knowledge and presence at the college. This experience has provided me with exposure to advanced techniques and methods through the courses which are not offered at my home intuition.

Being that this was my first significant trip away from home I was scared of what to expect on this big adventure. I soon would find out that I would fell in love with not just the city but all the friends and contacts I have made there. The Study Abroad Office also made my transition from an American to a soon to be Londoner an easy one. With their motivation to help and to teach us everything possible about being a true Londoner, they had a great impact on my trip.

Studying fashion merchandising and commutation at LCF has changed my shy and soft demeanor and has grown me into a confident, self sufficient employee for the future. By the end of my semester I was a new person and people around could see that. While away I realized that a career in retail apparel industry is my true passion and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to be introduced to the wonderful world of London College of Fashion.

Carla Vega

Study abroad has changed my life. I am in my final year doing a BA Fashion Management course at London College of Fashion and in a couple of months I will be graduating and will be working full time in London.

If it weren't for the study abroad opportunity, I imagine that perhaps I would be happy somewhere else. However, what I know for certain is that I would not feel as fulfilled as I do now.

It all started when I heard my previous university in Texas (University of the Incarnate Word) would be taking a short trip to London and Paris as part of a course you could sign up for. I was always curious about exploring London and the world beyond Texas so when I heard about this chance, I went for it and signed up for the class. At the end of that course a couple of us students travelled for just over a week to London and Paris. I was amazed at what I saw. I immediately fell in love with London life, with its trendy atmosphere, its strong business influence as well as its unique culture.

The next day I got back to Texas I decided I would re-visit London and informed myself about the study abroad opportunities that my university offered. They had several schools which to choose from here in London. After looking at the website and seeing all the college and city had to offer and coming from a design background, I selected London College of Fashion.

Several months later I was back in London doing a short course and having the greatest experience of my life. I enjoyed my short course so much here at LCF that I decided this was the university I should continue to pursue.

When I went home the next few months in the summer after the short course, I made the final decision to apply for a full-time course at LCF this time around. I reflected upon my wonderful experiences in London; there were no major culture or language barriers for me, and I had got acquainted with the city whilst I had visited so I felt very comfortable with the idea of living there. It wasn't a hard decision for me.

With my strong determination, the support of my parents, and references, I applied for a full-time LCF course and anxiously waited for the results.

A few months later, I was delighted when I received notification of my acceptance.

I have now lived in London for about 3 years and feel delighted being near the course completion and a new beginning. After the European travels, my acquaintance with the British culture, soaking in the cosmopolitan city that is London, and meeting my English boyfriend, I am thankful for my studies in more ways than one could believe. I would not feel this way would I taken another route. I believe I have lived the best experiences so far because I opened myself to studying abroad. I am living the life I dreamed of because I opened myself up for the study abroad opportunity that UIW offered. Therefore, I am very grateful to University of the Incarnate Word for having presented this opportunity to me and I look forward to my future.

Ines Caleiro

Initially, I studied graphic design in Lisbon. After graduating I embarked on what was to become my greatest professional and personal experience.I came to London. I decided to diversify into fashion design and I enrolled onto a semester of the Study Abroad programme at London College of Fashion. This experience immersed me in an intense 'fashion' environment, an atmosphere which started my journey into the fashion industry.

During my studies, I focused on the footwear classes in particular - which I found incredibly inspiring...Travelling to Paris, being in London during Fashion week, and having the opportunity to meet professionals from industry were highlights of my time at LCF and gave me the vision for my future business.

I was honoured with the Student of the Semester Award at graduation. Both during and after the semester I interned at Jimmy Choo, where I worked with the PR and design departments. I had the rare opportunity to work closely with the designers, which allowed me to observe from the early stages of their creative process and market research, to visual merchandising, organizing showroom displays and look books.

On completing the internship I moved to Washington D.C. to work for a prestigious luxury furniture design brand, as product designer. The combination of my design background (graphic design, fashion/accessory design/product design) combined to create a complete understanding of my vision, my design ethic and my ambition. I drew and developed an entire shoe collection, using eco friendly materials (fashion vs. sustainability), focused on utilizing avant garde designs, asymmetric shapes, at the same time considering marketing/branding perspective of what the brand should be.

I arrived in Portugal, where high quality shoemakers are based and put my dream into production. This is where 'GUAVA' started to become real. Six months later, the 'Guava' brand has made a strong impact and we have been contacted by fashion magazines and bloggers. We've had our first public article in 'Time Out' Lisbon and have been contacted by fashion designers wishing to collaborate for fashion shows and catwalk shows...all very exciting! Our first show room is in the heart of Lisbon and the first collection will be available in store very, very soon....

Working already on the next vibrant collection, Guava's vision is to export internationally and spread into other fashion areas like accessories, hats, jewellery and handbags.

Guava will continue to grow and surprise.

For more information find us online:

Leslie Albe

I participated in London College of Fashion's Study Abroad Program during the Summer and Fall semesters of 2009. I had already been working in the fashion industry for a couple of years and decided I wanted to go to fashion school in order to build upon the knowledge I had already attained in my fashion-related work experience.

My first interest in fashion started when I lived in London as I found the clothing to be expressive and unique in a way I had never before seen during my time in the US. I knew that if I went to fashion school it had to be in London and my first choice was London College of Fashion.

I selected London College of Fashion's Study Abroad Program as I knew it would supply me with a breadth of knowledge about fashion-related subject matter in an intensive course format spanning a few months, unlike an undergraduate or masters' program lasting a year or more.

As a result I came away with more knowledge about the industry over a five month period than I thought was possible. I was able to participate in 9 courses as well as an internship at a major UK womenswear brand. All of my tutors were exceptionally friendly, informative and well-versed in their subjects due to their quite extensive fashion industry experience. This course was filled with theory and concepts, as well as a great deal of analytical and creative work. What I liked best about the program was that it opened my eyes to the fashion world, and in particular, to European fashion, in ways that I had never seen it before.

This course demonstrated to me the many moving parts at work behind the scenes of high-end designers to the budget clothing retailers. It served as the perfect introduction to the many different opportunities available in the fashion industry and so much more.

Tina Gupta

Prior to joining LCF, I had completed my graduation in Accessory Design from NIFT, New Delhi and worked for a few years as a product designer. Having interacted with some of the top designers in India and exchanging ideas and experiences, I felt the need to expand my horizons and find out how the rest of the world understands fashion. While going through various international fashion courses, the LCF's Study Abroad Program stood out to perfectly fulfil my needs.

I participated in both the summer and autumn semesters. As someone who always wanted to start my own footwear label, my experience at LCF served as a perfect platform to widen my perspective towards the world of fashion. The study abroad programme pushed my boundaries and helped me realize my own potential and creative inclination.

The course was thoroughly detailed out and had a very professional approach. The structure of the course promoted learning by harmonizing its various components in a fun and active manner. The brilliant faculty, informative course material, relevant visits to various exhibitions and art galleries all contributed to an incredible experience that will surely be one of the keys to my future success as a designer.

Beyond the course, I cherish my memories in London as among some of the best in my life. The LCF study abroad staff and the faculty contributed equally to my love affair with the London city, which has surely become a home away from home.

I can recommend LCF without batting an eyelid to all students. For the student who has decided to make a career of fashion, LCF offers a professional approach to inculcate the course material in the minds of the student. For the student who is still unsure, LCF provides ample motivation and inspiration towards finalizing a career in the fashion industry.

Annette Vazquez

Anyone can be inspired, but how do you take that information and make it effective in your work as a footwear designer? This is what I learned during my experience in the LCF Study Abroad program.

Before the program, I had a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Art in New York City, and was finished with my junior year at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I signed up for the program
because England has one of the oldest traditions in footwear. Iwanted to broaden perspective as a footwear student and learn from top industry professionals, who had different things to share than my professors back home.

While I was there I honed my design ideas and learned how to build a collection from inspiration to design, which is why I recommend the program to anyone pursuing a creative career. You will be amazed at how other people around the world are thinking, solving creative problems, and approaching design. This experience and knowledge is becoming increasingly more valuable as we become more aware of ourselves as a global community. London was the perfect atmosphere to begin this process for me, it's an incredible city, and the LCF staff thought of everything. They were very approachable and organized. They really made an effort to helpme maximize my experience while I was there.

I even had time to do a weekend trip to Scotland while others in my group went to France. Since doing the program I am more confident in ability to dream, sketch, and travel. I came back ignited with more ideas, possibilities, and ambitions. I now have more information about the footwear industry, which has enabled me to make more informed decisions as a student and emerging designer.

Britta Feuerhelm

Taking the Study Abroad programme at London College of Fashion has proven to be an incredible opportunity which has allowed me to grow on both a professional and personal level. The tutors are passionate about their chosen subjects and their enthusiasm is contagious in the classroom. Students are encouraged to push the limits of good design and compile design research which is both relevant and innovative. LCF Study Abroad is ideal for creative individuals who are ready to work hard, take risks, and have fun.


Morgan Northway

I got the privilege to study at London College of Fashion during Summer 2011.I feel not only did I grow as a student but also on a personal level. The program pushed me over and beyond what I thought I was capable of. I would not be the person I am today if I wouldn’t have studied at LCF. I believe anyone who is wanting to grow as an individual should take this opportunity. I am so thankful I did!

Nicola Byford

After taking two short courses in shoe making and footwear design, I decided to enrol on the LCF Creative Footwear Study Abroad course.  I went into the course fearful that my lack of background in the industry, might hinder my progression in the course.  I was wrong.  The lecturers were patient and helped me express and draw my ideas, giving me confidence in the work I was producing. The course made me find inspiration in places I never thought I could, then channel that inspiration into my work. It opened my eyes. Taking the course reinforced my decision to keep going and pursue a career within the industry.  I am currently taking more courses in shoemaking and feel confident that what I learned at LCF will aid me in the future. 

Martinique Lewis

The Study abroad Summer Program at LCF is a must for all students looking to make an impact in the ever changing fast paced fashion industry. As a student in the program I gained valuable skills and had amazing experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life. Not only do you learn vital information from the best professionals in the industry, you leave with the ability to be an industry ready professional upon the completion of the program. Now as a college professor teaching fashion, I still implement techniques and knowledge learned in the program to ensure the success of my own students. Thank you London College of Fashion!

Derek Huenecke

My Study Abroad experience at the London College of Fashion was a little different then everyone else’s. As an Industrial Design student back at Iowa State, I had very little knowledge of the fashion industry. But what I did have was a passion for footwear. It had always been a dream of mine to design and make shoes, and the London College of Fashion created a perfect opportunity for me to do just that, as well as to learn, develop, and better my chances of finding success in the future.

The staff and tutors at LCF were more than accommodating, which was great for someone with only room to grow like me. I was pushed to become a better designer, and more importantly, a better learner. LCF gave me the tools and opportunities to create, to network, and to be successful.

Studying Footwear Design at LCF was an experience that I will never forget. From the friends I made to the places I visited, this was one trip that has truly shaped who I am today. There was a passion instilled in me that is hard to put into words, but it will undoubtedly carry over into my next adventure.