LCF's BA18 degree show season from 4 to 6 June will be a layered and multisensory visual-sonic experience, showcasing the work of media and design students from our undergraduate courses.

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We believe that...

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LCF is local

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration, free movement and the importance of our creative community in London. In 2022 we move to a single site on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. There, we will continue our work with local partners using Fashion education and innovation to drive economic and social transformation.

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LCF is Global

We have been leading international fashion education from the start. We partner with institutions in countries all over the world delivering opportunities, specialist courses and the chance for our students and staff to exchange knowledge and cultural value. Our connections support an ever evolving global fashion industry worth billions.

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Pigeons and Peacocks

A magazine by LCF, celebrating fashion, culture and independence. Visit the website.