Holly Stevenson

Holly Stevenson
Holly Stevenson
Holly Stevenson

Holly Stevenson

Future Map 2011 exhibitor
Chelsea College of Arts, MA Fine Art alumna

UAL catches up with a former Future Map participant on her experience in taking part in the show and finds out what she’s up to now.

Submitting work to be part of an exhibition is a key skill for emerging artists – how did you go about making sure you stood out for Future Map?

I don't think about standing out, I simply make work that I believe in. I also believe in punctuality! 

How do you think being part of Future Map helped you establish yourself in the early stages of your career?

I'm not sure how Future Map helped directly but the process of being selected and having the opportunity to show certainly helped establish a sense of positivity about graduating. 

How did UAL help you prepare for your career as an artist and is there anything else it could have done?

UAL is an institution and I am an artist and I would dearly love to be difficult and write something inflammatory but in response to the question UAL was a perfect place to consider being an artist. Ultimately I met lots of inspiring artists, curators, librarians and folk for which I'm very grateful. 

What’s been the greatest achievement of your career so far?

I've not had my greatest achievement yet and so far everything has been good. 

What’s next for you/what projects are you currently working on?

I am going to live off-grid for a while, that will be fun and in the studio I'm completing my investigation into 'bonheur'.