Grace Lam

Senior Fashion Style Editor at Vogue China - Central Saint Martins, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, 1997

Grace Lam was a star student in the mid 1990's; passionate and ambitious, she gained first class honours in her degree and went on to a flourishing career in fashion.

During her time at CSM she developed her can-do spirit, learning from differences in culture and lifestyle which helped to mould a truly international career path. 

What are your memories of being a student? 

Having total creative freedom and able to learn good and bad ideas from other students during group discussions.  

Who was your favourite lecturer/support staff and why? 

Jeff Fowler, as during my last year at St Martins he gave me full support.  He was so helpful and he was not intimidating to talk to.

What was the best part about being a student here and living in London? 

Having access to the best art galleries/exhibitions/cinemas and able to  experience Londoners and their trends and lifestyle.

Do you keep in touch with people you met here? 

Yes via Facebook, I keep in contact with some classmates from my year. 

What do you do now? 

I am the Senior Fashion Style Editor of Vogue China magazine and I am currently based in Hong Kong.  I lived in London for almost 20 years and then 7 years ago I moved from London to Shanghai to help launch the magazine and then transferred to the Hong Kong Vogue China office until now.

What was the best piece of advice you have ever received, and what advice would you pass on to students or recent graduates? 

Best piece of advice was 'to get on with it' and my advice to current students is to do something that you enjoy.  It's hard to be inspired if you don't do something you love especially when it comes to creativity. 

What is your proudest achievement so far? 

To get a first-class degree honour when I graduated from Central Saint Martins and also being able to speak Mandarin and surviving working in mainland China. 

What drives you to keep pursuing your dreams? 

To have other interests in life aside from my job.  I am a huge Formula One fan therefore it helps me to not get too sucked into the fashion industry. 

What are your goals for the future?

I am not a planner and I don't believe in planning too much ahead.  I never planned to leave London as I am such a Londoner but here I am….happy working and living in Hong Kong.  It's good to just take each day as it comes and try to stay positive and happy. 

What do you like most about being part of our alumni community? 

To see what other people are up to in their lives.