Inclusive Arts Education Forum (IAEF)

The IAEF group meets once a term at UAL (with one regional event held each year) to discuss issues around researching inclusion in art and design education.

The Inclusive Arts Education Forum (IAEF) evolved out of the ‘Towards a Progressive Arts Education’ 2013 conference and brings together international art educators, theorists, pedagogic researchers, curators, artists and designers interested in inclusion, change and intervention, who all want to do more in the future to extend and share their knowledge around the key areas of inclusive arts education.

It also works as a supportive framework for research in this field, inviting publishers, academics, artists and writers to contribute to the debates.

You are particularly encouraged to join if you have a research interest in the field. This means you may be a tutor in art and design, a research student, a post-doctoral researcher, writer, artist, curator, theorist or in some way have a clear and on-going interest in some form of research around inclusion and diversity issues within arts education.

We are also keen to form further institutional memberships, links to relevant public organisations and collaborative bid writers/funders. Our current membership includes staff from Goldsmiths College, the specialist UKADIA colleges, national universities and international researchers.